Converting Process

Packaging is an integral part of the processing and preservation of foods and other consumer goods. It just does not perform one role; it accompanies the product from beginning to end. It is on the shelf at the moment of our decision to purchase. It goes home with the consumer, remains around the house, establishes its brand image, and creates brand loyalty.

Selecting the proper packaging system for a particular product is very critical and is based on the knowledge of the composition and stability of the product. A thorough consideration of the
environmental factors to which the product and or the package system is exposed during its distribution and storage should likewise be given.

Thermoplastics is the primary plastic material we are using in our flexible packaging process here at Bonpack. Fabrication has permitted the combination of different plastics to obtain a unique mixture of
properties and has also helped produce plastics which could easily be handled on Rotogravure Printing, Lamination, Slitting, and Bag and Pouch Making machines.


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