Quality Assurance

Quality is what the customer wants! The QA department is in-charge of:

  • in-coming testing of raw materials (inks, solvents, substrates)
  • in-process testing of goods (blown film, printed film, laminated film)
  • out-going testing of finished goods (slitted rolls, polybags, stand-up pouches, breadbags)

Quality Assurance Tests

  • Dimensional Measurements – Thickness, Width & Length ·
  • Design & Color Test – Approved color standards, text, & Bar Code. ·
  • Tape-Off / Block / Scratch Test – Strength of ink adhesion into the film material. ·
  • Bond Strength and Seal Strength Test – Adhesion strength between layers of laminated materials and Sealing Strength of the packaging material ·
  • Drop / Burst / Impact Test – Material and sealing to safeguard its filling, handling, and transport conditions. ·
  • Gas Chromatograph Method – Amount of solvent retained in a composite film. ·
  • OTR (oxygen transmission rate) Method – Amount of oxygen gas that passes through a material over a given period of time, cc/m2/day ·
  • WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) Method – Amount of water vapor transmitted through unit area of test specimen per unit time under specified conditions , gm/m2/day ·
  • And other various test procedures that need to be done.